Mindfulness is a very trendy word at the moment but what does it mean?

Mindfulness is intentional communication, being consciously present and aware of how we are feeling in the moment. It allows us to understand how we can react in the moment, thoughtfully and will full intention.

When we are practicing mindfully with our colleagues, peers, partners and children are interactions with others become different. Intentional, mindful communication will improve our relationships, our presentation to our friends and family and we will see personal and professional growth. Mindfulness allows us to slow down, pause and take the time to make clear and rational decisions allowing us to connect to our senses rather than getting lost in trains of thought and making impulsive decisions.

Here are a few tips to start your mindfulness practice:

1.      Accept What You Can’t Change

2.      Notice that you have a choice

3.      Show appreciation

4.      Value other people’s opinions

5.      Feel Gratitude

6.      Practice mindfulness daily such as:

a.     set an alarm on the phone – take a deep breath when it rings

b.     Set an appointment with yourself!

c.      Place a picture on your desk to remind yourself to be mindful

d.     Be mindful of your surroundings rather than immediately reacting

e.     Take a small step back and reflect rather than automatically react to what’s coming at you

Congratulations, this may have been your first step to practicing mindfulness on a daily basis.