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Emotional Wellness

These are times of extreme anxiety and isolation, so feeling worried and lonely just makes sense. Good mental health doesn’t mean feeling happy all the time.

When we name how we feel, it helps us understand and process our emotions—which is all a part of good mental health.

Imagine If . . .

You could figure out a way to get ahold of your emotions? 

Everyone deserves to feel well, and understanding our emotions is a part of feeling well.

Emotional well-being includes recognizing what influences our emotions, discovering how our emotions affect the way we think or act, taking action when our emotional response isn’t helpful and learning to accept them.

Enjoy the Webinar

What Clients Are Saying

Shelly, I love using your worksheets.  They help me really track down and identify patterns that can help me get over my emotional ups and downs.  And they are super cute, too!

My daughter has agreed to sit down with me for 10 minutes a day to do a quick look at her emotions. This is a big first step for her. I love the work you do and am so thankful for this video and the worksheets. Thank you for truly making a difference in people's lives. ~Ayn

Builds family connections . . .

Sit down with your family, make a bowl of popcorn and pour your favourite drinks, make this the time to set some goals with your people for 2022.

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Is your old friend Anxiety getting in the way of your life?  Here is a simple resource that may help you lay out your emotions and be able to examine what your anxiety may be telling you.

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