A team of counsellors and coaches to help you with your physical health, nutrition, fitness, mental health, goals, & habits.
Coaches and Therapists to support teens and adults with life goals, health, mental health, nutrition, wellness, anxiety, depression, & confidence.

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At Shelly Qualtieri Counselling & Coaching we want to offer you all you need in one place. 

We believe if you have access to a variety of helping professionals in one easy stop you will have greater success in achieving all of your goals.

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Leadership & Career Transition  



Good mental health is directly linked to good physical health which supports in all that life may throw at you.

Jennifer DeDominicis

Leadership & Career Transition Coach

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

I am an experienced, Calgary-based coach with 20+ years of leadership experience helping people get to where they want to go, to live and lead with impact and purpose.

I am an ACC Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation, a Certified Organizational Coach (UBC) and a Designing Your Life Certified Coach.

I am a proud mom, partner, entrepreneur, and educator.

I love the ocean, good books, and french fries.

I’m here to help you spend your time and energy on what matters most to you, reclaim your agency and make the change you are seeking possible.

Jennifer DeDominicis, Certified Career Transition & Leadership Coach time, creating an impact for senior leaders & entrepreneurs.
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Samantha Wong, Certified Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach, helping you with fitness for mental & physical health & life long habits to feel your best.


Samantha Wong

Certified Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach

Hi, I'm Sam! I love all things food and fitness!

I am passionate about educating and guiding each of my clients towards optimal health.

My goal is to empower, educate, provide detailed and specific bite-size strategies to develop achieve your health and fitness goals while with creating long-term, sustainable habits that can carry you through your life -  no quick fixes, magic teas or potions, pills or juice cleanses here, it's time to get off the diet rollercoaster...they don’t work - you know it and I know it.

If you are ready to feel and look your absolute best, I am here to get you there.

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Ashley Ogilvie


Hello, all of you beautiful people!

I’m Ashley and I am a Nurse.

I love assisting individuals to grasp the concept of thier overall health -  mental and physcial in its entirety and providing education, encouragement and support around all that this entails.

Working together we will spend time on education around healthy eating, including mindfulness, what eating means to you, and lifestyle, we will create plans and goals that will be achievable and easy for you to maintain and that best suit your needs and lifestyle not only for your physical health but your mental health!

Developing a healthy understanding of what your body and mind need to create and have the for life you desire.

 Shelly Qualtieri - Ashley Ogilvie, Nurse ready to help you with your mental & physical health questions, anxiety, depression, & self confidence.
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