Your Fiercely Fabulous Life

Your Fiercely Fabulous Life

Hosted by: Shelly Qualtieri

Welcome to Your Fiercely Fabulous Life podcast! This podcast was created for you, the woman who wants more in her life for her family, in her relationships. This podcast will create inspiration motivation while...


#51 Some Truths About Social Anxiety

About 13% of Canadians will experience social anxiety in their lifetime. It is more likely to occur in women especially during the years of development transitioning from teens to young adults. They remain some...
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#50 Feelings are Always Knocking!

Feelings are always knocking, but you do get to decide and make a choice whether you let them in or not. Learning how to understand them, shut the door, and be in a calmer more controlled place is possible for each of...
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#49 The Importance of Mental Health.

Do you long for brighter days ahead? The importance of mental health has been a much discussed topic over the last two years. We are now having a wave of mental health challenges come out of living two years in a...
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#48 The Comparison Game

Episode #48

A quiet evening end and you find yourself scrolling through social media, whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or other platform of choice you find yourself a contestant in the comparison game. You know the...
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#47 Therapy Hurdles

Episode #47

Conquering your therapy hurdles can feel overwhelming. Sometimes when we’re thinking about going to therapy we are wanting to go to grow, only at times it feels as though we’re back sliding…But we are actually making...
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#46 Permission to Recharge

Episode #46

Let’s be real here for a minute we spend the majority of our day as women during our waking hours giving to others, the idea of prioritizing our self feels like a bit of a delusional joke. But giving yourself...
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#45 Time For a Self Check In

Episode #45

Every now and then we need to stop and pause and do a self check in. Mental health and wellness is not just about having a diagnosable condition, struggles of all types can show up in ways that are not talked about....
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#44 Paige Barlow from Moss Postpartum House

Episode #44

The place you have been looking for - Moss Postpartum House is an amazing place for women and their families to access the physical, psychological and emotional support that they and, their newborn babies deserve BUT...
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#43 Sleep Culture Co

Episode #43

Do you dream of sleep! A restful night, where you can fall into bed and drift off with ease. Don't miss this episode with my 2 favorite gals, Marlee and Leah. Their visions is, "to have the world fall in love with...
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#42 Are You A Sweet Talker?

Episode #42

Throughout the day we can have incessant commentary, known as self-talk that can be encouraging but more often than not it can be negative and critical and this matters because you're the one listening to it. Everyone...
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#41 Are you falling prey to your guilt?

Episode #41

Guilt, as subtle as it may be, is a pervasive emotion that many of us experience daily.  We feel pressure to be doing something, always, especially things that show we’re progressing. When we’re not, we feel...
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#40 Being intentional for 60-seconds a day can change your day!

Episode #40

Imagine what it would be like to spend a mere 60-seconds, yes- one minute of your day being intentional. This 1-minute a day could change the entire outlook of a situation, an emotion, a relationship and how you feel...
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