Shelly Qualtieri

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Clients & Facilitator:

The Alberta Teachers Institute 

University of Calgary 

Achieve Centre for Leadership

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Modern Mental Health Therapist

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Shelly Qualtieri


  • Suicide Support
  • Stress
  • Vicarious Trauma 
  • Understanding Big Emotions
  • All About Anxiety 
  • Lets Talk About Anger
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • Leadership and Time Management
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Hi I’m Shelly

When you hire me to spend time with your people - in a workshop, keynote, webinar, or lunch and learn event – you get someone who has made it her mission to help all of us become more connected, more supported and more inspired.

Whether you’re trying to motivate a group of a large team to Light Up and Feel Inspired, or help a club or organization you belong to with understanding stress, vicarious trauma or suicide, I will inspire and educate your audience and leave them feeling seen and heard. If you are interested in learning more; I would love to hear from you.