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Takeaway: More athletes of all ages are turning to the field of sports psychology to help achieve peak performance. From amateur to professional athletes, tapping into mental and emotional health can help athletes feel their best both on and off the field. Our sports psychologist Calgary can help athletes overcome mental barriers, build confidence, and learn new skills to help them reach their personal lives and goals. Get started today.

sports psychologist calgary

Amplify your athletic abilities by prioritizing mental strength with specialized support from a Calgary sports psychologist.

Elevate your athletic performance with our Calgary sport psychologists, addressing burnout, performance anxiety, confidence, interpersonal skills, self-esteem, and more.

Athletes often receive advice on key aspects of mental health and performance, including directives like "think positive," "clear your mind," and "brush off mistakes." However, these generic suggestions may not address the nuanced challenges athletes face. At Shelly Qualtieri & Associates, our Calgary sport psychology services, psychologists go beyond clichƩs, providing personalized strategies for athletes dealing with burnout, performance anxiety, self-confidence, issues, and interpersonal skills. Connect with our sport psychologists in Calgary for a transformative experience that offers targeted support tailored to your unique needs.

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sports psychologist calgary

What is sports psychology?

We will support you and provide you with versatile and practical tools to use on and off the field.

Our Calgary, Alberta, sports psychologist is a mental health professional specializing in working with athletes to enhance their mental and emotional well-being, ultimately improving their athletic performance. Here are the top areas they may address:

Performance Anxiety:

Help athletes manage and overcome anxiety related to competitions, ensuring optimal performance under pressure.

Goal Setting:

Collaborate with athletes to establish clear and achievable goals, providing motivation and direction for how athletes perform their training.

Visualization Techniques:

Teach athletes visualization strategies to enhance focus, mental rehearsal, and confidence in their abilities. Successful athletes achieve a state of flow, fully immersing their attention in the actions during a competition or game.

Burnout Prevention:

Address signs of burnout by developing strategies to maintain a healthy balance between training and other life aspects.

Self-Esteem Building:

Work on building self-confidence and maintaining a positive self-image, contributing to self-awareness and overall mental resilience.

Dealing with Success and Failure:

Equip athletes with coping mechanisms to handle both success and failure in a constructive and psychologically healthy manner.

Interpersonal Skills:

Enhance communication and teamwork skills, fostering positive relationships with coaches, teammates, and other stakeholders.

Injury Recovery:

Support athletes in navigating the mental challenges associated with injuries, aiding in the recovery process both mentally and physically.

Our sports psychology services team can also provide support with:

Team dynamics:

Just as individual athletes benefit from sport psychology skills, teams can optimize their performance by incorporating these strategies. Enhancing team cohesion, fostering peak performance across diverse roles, using positive thinking, effectively managing adversity and conflicts, and performing and executing leadership functions are some of the psychological skills that can lead to success at the personal, group, or team level.

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sports psychologist calgary

How sports psychologists can help

In our own sport psychology and performance psychology practice, we expertly guide athletes in mastering pressures for success on and off the field.

At Shelly Qualtieri & Associates, we cater to a diverse spectrum of athletes, spanning from teenagers engaged in high school sports like volleyball or soccer, university-level athletes participating in hockey, recreational sports enthusiasts training for events and competition, to elite athletes. Our commitment to athletes' mental well-being extends across our convenient locations in both northwest and southwest Calgary.

Working with a sports psychologist can offer significant benefits, both individually and collectively. On a personal level, athletes can enhance their mental resilience, overcome performance anxiety, and develop strategies for optimal focus and concentration.

Additionally, sports psychologists can contribute to team dynamics by fostering effective communication, resolving conflicts, and building strong cohesion among teammates. Coaches can benefit from psychological insights to optimize training strategies and motivate athletes, while parents can gain valuable guidance on supporting their child's mental well-being and performance. This holistic approach ensures a comprehensive and integrated support system for athletes, teams, and their broader sports community.

In the realm of sport and exercise psychology, professionals delve into various key areas to optimize athletes' performance and well-being. Thought control involves monitoring self-talk and fostering positive thinking, while attention focusing hones in on concentration, creating an optimal performance and comfort zone, and facilitating the coveted state of "flow." Emotional control strategies encompass relaxation techniques, visualization, and arousal control. Behavioural strategies, including sleep, rest, routines, and environmental control, contribute to a holistic approach that ensures athletes are mentally and emotionally equipped for peak performance.

We believe in supporting you with easily manageable, bite-sized strategies. Connect today.

sports psychologist calgary

Our approach to sports psychology in Calgary

If you've been facing challenges focusing during practices or games, enduring prolonged periods of sadness, heightened fears and worries, struggling to cope with daily life issues, or finding it tough to manage stressors in your own life, sports, and personal life, it might be the right time to seek support.

A sports psychologist at Shelly Qualtieri & Associates in Calgary can provide individualized assistance. Through proven tools and strategies, they'll help you set and achieve goals, visualize success, regulate emotions, enhance team communication, and build resilience, ensuring you perform at your best on and off the field.

Here are five key ways a sports psychologist can help you individually and support your team:

Individualized Goal Setting:

A sports psychologist will work with you to set personalized and achievable goals, breaking down larger objectives into manageable steps. This process enhances focus, self-awareness, and motivation, facilitating overall performance improvement.

Performance Visualization Techniques:

Through mental imagery and visualization exercises, a sports psychologist helps you vividly picture success and good performance. This technique aids in boosting confidence, refining skills, and preparing for various scenarios, ultimately enhancing your actual sport performance.

Emotional Regulation Strategies:

Learning emotional control techniques, such as relaxation and mindfulness, assists in managing stress, anxiety, and pressure. These strategies empower you to maintain composure during high-stakes moments and contribute to personal growth and team cohesion.

Team Building and Communication Skills:

Sports psychologists facilitate team-building exercises to strengthen interpersonal connections. Improved communication, trust, and mutual understanding among team members create a positive and supportive environment, positively influencing collective and individual performance outcomes.

Crisis Management and Resilience Training:

In the face of setbacks or unexpected challenges, a sports psychologist helps you develop resilience. Coping strategies and mental toughness training enable both individual athletes and the team as a whole to bounce back from adversity and maintain a winning mindset.

At Shelly Qualtieri & Associates, we help clients break their problems down into small, bite-sized pieces that are more manageable and easier to address. We will also provide and encourage clients to practice what they are learning between sessions; this often helps clients progress more quickly.

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sports psychologist calgary

Performance psychology approaches we use

At Shelly Qualtieri & Associates, we leverage evidence-based modalities, and our approach integrates emotional regulation strategies, performance mindset techniques, and strength-based methods, ensuring a comprehensive and effective sports psychology experience tailored to your athlete's unique needs in Calgary.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) for Athletes:

Struggling with emotional intensity on the field? Our sports psychologist uses DBT techniques, including emotional regulation strategies, to enhance mindfulness and interpersonal effectiveness, helping you stay focused and perform at your best in Calgary.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) in Sports Psychology:

Overcome negative thought patterns affecting your game with CBT. Our sports psychologist employs performance mindset strategies, helping you identify and challenge unproductive thoughts for improved mental toughness and success on the field.

Solution-Focused Therapy for Athletes:

Seeking practical solutions for enhanced sports performance? Our sports psychologist uses solution-focused therapy to help you set and achieve goals in sports, emphasizing a strength-based approach to boost confidence and motivation.

Strength-Based Therapy for Athletic Empowerment:

Recognize and build on your unique strengths. Our sports psychologist employs a strength-based approach, focusing on your abilities to foster resilience and optimize your athletic and mental performance.

Somatic Therapy for Sports Performance:

Addressing bodily discomfort affecting your game? Our sports psychologist integrates somatic therapy, addressing the mind-body connection in athletics to release tension, improve relaxation, and optimize overall well-being for peak performance.

These evidence-based therapies help understand the "why" and create results. Connect for a free 30-minute call.

sports psychologist calgary

Who can benefit from working with a sports psychologist?

There are a wide range of reasons why athletes may work with a sports psychologist.

Athletes of all levels, from high school teams to elite competitors, benefit from working with a sports psychologist. Our specialized sport psychology services in Calgary, using evidence-based modalities like emotional regulation strategies, performance mindset, and goal setting in sports, aim to enhance both athletic and mental performance. With a strength-based approach, we focus on coping effectiveness, concentration, and stress management, ensuring athletes can practice and train more efficiently. All levels and abilities can thrive with the right support, as we prioritize individualized counselling and sport psychology skills to optimize overall well-being, performance routines, and success.

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sports psychologist calgary

FAQs about working with a sports psychologist in Calgary

sports psychologist calgary

Reach the top of your game with the help of a sports psychologist in Calgary.

Unlock your athletic potential with mental health support.

If you're seeking tailored mental health support for athletes, exploring strategies for performance anxiety solutions, or looking for athlete depression help, Shelly Qualtieri & Associates is here for you. Our experienced professionals provide comprehensive sports performance psychology and services, including athlete counselling and therapy, mental wellness strategies, and coping mechanisms for sports stress. Gain a competitive edge on game day by experiencing the power of mental toughness training tailored to your strengths, personality styles, and tendencies.

Our therapists provide accessible and personalized support to help you thrive mentally and achieve your athletic goals, whether they're related to sports or other aspects of a person's life too. Our therapists offer in-person, online, or telephone counselling, ensuring accessible and personalized support to help you thrive mentally and achieve your athletic goals.

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