Calgary ADHD Assessments for Adults 

Takeaway: Adults navigating ADHD may have faced its challenges throughout their childhood without a formal assessment. While adult symptoms may be less overt, the core traits remain the same. Seeking an adult ADHD assessment yields many benefits, including relief, affirmation, and self-discovery. Our Calgary team will provide support for your individual needs, growth, and targeted strategies for a more empowered life.

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Adults with ADHD from childhood may not recognize their symptoms as they have always lived with them, but they have creating confusion and self-doubt. These symptoms and lack of understanding may lead to feelings of inadequacy, lethargy, self-doubt, or other mental health concerns.

ADHD can impact emotions, behaviours, cognitive function, and affect physical health. ADHD often coexists with insomnia, mood instability, anxiety, and depression, which is what may prompt adults to seek professional help. Many adults opt for an ADHD assessment following their child's diagnosis.

Our commitment to you at Shelly Qualtieri & Associates is to support you with practical, bite-sized methods tailored to your needs. Our focus is to help you develop coping mechanisms to manage your ADHD symptoms, understand your behaviours, and foster optimism.

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What is Attention -Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?

Individuals, children, teens, and adults diagnosed with ADHD can learn beneficial strategies to manage symptoms and experience substantial improvements in their daily functioning through therapy and the appropriate strategies and tools.

An adult may experience ADHD or ADD with disruptive symptoms, including inattention, hyperactivity, or impulsivity, which can greatly interfere with normal daily activities. While some individuals have successfully adapted their surroundings to accommodate their life, a significant number of individuals still find managing these symptoms draining.

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can manifest in children, teens, or adults. ADHD or ADD impacts the executive functions of the brain, which are located in the frontal lobe and develop until approximately 25 years of age. The executive functions of the brain are to regulate cognitive flexibility, inhibitory control, self-monitoring, attention, planning, and organizing, including our thoughts.

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3 Types of ADHD


  1. ADHD, Predominantly Inattentive Presentation (ADHD-I): Characterized by difficulties in sustaining attention, focusing on tasks, and following through with instructions. Individuals with ADHD-I may seem forgetful and easily distracted.

  2. ADHD, Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Presentation (ADHD-HI): Marked by excessive fidgeting, restlessness, impulsive decision-making, and a tendency to act without forethought. These individuals may struggle with tasks that require sustained attention.

  3. ADHD, Combined Presentation (ADHD-C): Involves a combination of inattentive and hyperactive-impulsive symptoms. Individuals with ADHD-C experience challenges across various aspects of daily life, impacting both attention and impulse control.

Understanding these different types of ADHD is essential for accurate diagnosis and tailored therapeutic interventions. If you're seeking support or information about ADHD, our team is here to help.

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Signs of Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

Subtle symptoms of Adult ADHD often go unnoticed because you have been dealing with them your entire life. Navigate the complexities of adult ADHD ‚Ästcan feel isolating and vulnerable.

  1. Procrastination: Chronic procrastination, delaying tasks despite knowing the potential consequences, is a common symptom among adults with ADHD. This behaviour may contribute to increased stress and the challenges of meeting deadlines.
  2. Difficulty with Time Management: Individuals with ADHD often struggle with time perception, leading to challenges in managing deadlines, schedules, and appointments.
  3. Organization Challenges: Difficulty organizing tasks, belongings, and thoughts is a prevalent sign. This may result in a sense of disarray in both physical and mental spaces. 
  4. Forgetfulness: Adults with ADHD may frequently forget important dates, appointments, or obligations, impacting their ability to stay organized and fulfill responsibilities.
  5. Difficulty Starting and Completing Tasks: Initiating tasks and following through to completion can be challenging. Adults with ADHD may find themselves stuck in a cycle of starting multiple tasks but struggling to finish any of them.
  6. Impaired Executive Functions: Difficulties in executive functions, such as planning, organizing, and prioritizing, can hinder an individual's ability to manage daily activities, both at home and in the workplace.
  7. Relationship Struggles: Challenges in maintaining relationships due to impulsivity, forgetfulness, or difficulty actively listening and engaging in conversations can be noticeable symptoms in adults with ADHD.
  8. Inattentiveness: Individuals may struggle to sustain focus on tasks, exhibit forgetfulness, and have difficulty organizing activities, leading to challenges in completing work or following instructions.
  9. Hyperactivity: Restlessness, fidgeting, and an inability to remain seated are common signs of hyperactivity in individuals with ADHD. They may engage in impulsive behaviour without considering the consequences.
  10. Impulsivity: Acting on impulses without adequate forethought characterizes impulsivity in ADHD. This can manifest as hasty decision-making, interrupting others, or difficulty waiting one's turn in conversations or activities.

Recognizing these symptoms is important for self-awareness and seeking appropriate support and intervention. If you resonate with these signs, reach out today to get started. 

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Our Approach to Adult ADHD Assessments in Calgary

We will help you identify your ADHD nuances and craft an evidence-based treatment plan to support you while enhancing your mental health toolbox to improve and manage your ADHD symptoms.

Our commitment to the people we support is to leave each sessions feeling lighter, more empowered, and equipped with a deeper understanding of their situation. At Shelly Qualtieri & Associates, our psychologists and counsellors specialize in the assessment and treatment of ADHD in adults. We would love for you to contact us today to discuss how we can help with your questions about ADHD.

There are several ways to check for ADHD, including:

  1. Clinical interview is an extensive conversation with a trained professional to learn about a person's symptoms, background, and daily functioning.
  2. Behaviour observations are systematic looks at how a person acts in different situations, functions in daily life, connects with others, and shows up with ADHD symptoms show up.
  3. Self-Report Questionnaires are structured forms that a person fills out on their own, giving a subjective view of their symptoms, feelings, and daily difficulties.
  4. Cognitive tests measure skills such as memory, attention, and brain functions. The results of these tests help acquire an accurate depiction of a person's cognitive skills.
  5. Continuous Performance Tests (CPT) are computerized tests that focus on staying focused and controlling your impulses. Cognitive performance tests (CPTs) give objective information about focus problems by measuring how a person reacts to sounds or sights.
  6. Functional impairment assessments look at how ADHD symptoms affect a person's daily life, such as their ability to do well in school, at work, and with friends and family. With this kind of assessment, interventions can be made to fit the needs of particular problems.

If you are an adult who suspects you might have ADHD connect with Shelly Qualtieri & Associates to see how we can help. 

FAQs about Adult ADHD Assessments in Calgary

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Fee Structure for Adult ADHD Assessment:

Estimated assessment hours needed for an adult:

  • First meeting with client for initial interview (1 hour)
  • ADHD Testing (2 hours)
  • Therapist will require time for scoring, assessment review, and report writing (4 hours)
  • Final meeting with client for feedback on ADHD Assessment (1 hour)¬†

Total Estimated Hours: 8 hours

Total Estimated Cost: $1,600


*Please ensure you check with your insurance provider that your therapist and treatment is covered under your benefits plan. Many plans cover a variety of professional designations and various therapeutic treatments while others are more restrictive.

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