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Your family is having the same arguments over and over, and you have no idea how to make them stop. You are asking yourself, "Why do I bother? Nothing is going to change."

Families are complicated; family issues may differ between relationships and among family members. We may see parent-child challenges, parenting conflicts, marriage or divorce stress, a blended family, or mental health problems arise.

Break free from repetitive family arguments at Shelly Qualtieri & Associates. Our experienced therapists offer tailored family therapy services in Calgary, addressing diverse challenges, from parent-child conflicts to marriage stress and mental health issues. We understand the complexities families face, providing a supportive environment to enhance communication, navigate differences, and build stronger connections. Whether you're dealing with ongoing conflicts or facing a crisis, our counselling services empower families to overcome challenges, fostering a resilient and harmonious family life. Book your session for effective solutions in Calgary family therapy.

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Does this sound like you?

Your family is fighting, and you feel like you have failed as a parent. You long to have peace in your home and have fun together. You are exhausted, overwhelmed, deflated from trying, and terrified your family will not be close again.

Challenges a family may be struggling with could be emotional, psychological, or behavioural, and family sessions may be helpful. Many families in Calgary seek family psychologist services, such as marriage and family therapy, for a variety of reasons. Many families encounter challenges with effective communication, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts that strain relationships. Parents often turn to parenting counselling to navigate the complexities of raising children, addressing behavioural issues, and adapting to blended family dynamics. Couples facing difficulties related to trust, intimacy, or compatibility frequently seek relationship counselling in Calgary. Additionally, families experiencing major life transitions, such as divorce, remarriage, or relocation, may seek support to navigate these changes and maintain a healthy family dynamic.

Family support services also play a crucial role in addressing mental health concerns within the family unit. Families dealing with issues like anxiety, depression, or substance abuse may benefit from the guidance and expertise of a Calgary family psychologist. Grief and loss, behavioural issues in children, and a proactive desire to build stronger relationships are among the common motivations prompting families to engage in family ounseling. Ultimately, our services aim to improve overall well-being, foster resilience, and promote positive growth within the family context.

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Family therapy in Calgary can help.

Perhaps you avoid going home because you feel anxious and tense walking into your house. Maybe you take a deep breath as you walk in the door, anticipating that your family is fighting.

Family therapy provides a supportive and structured environment for families to address and overcome challenges. Family therapy can help by:

Improving Communication:

Family therapy promotes open and effective communication, helping family members express themselves and understand each other better.

Resolving Conflict:

Therapists assist families in identifying and addressing sources of conflict, providing tools to navigate disagreements constructively.

Building stronger relationships:

The therapy process fosters understanding, empathy, and connection, strengthening the bonds between family members.

Navigating Life Transitions:

Whether it's a divorce, remarriage, or blending of families, family therapy helps families adapt to significant life changes.

Addressing behavioural issues:

Therapists work with parents to address behavioural challenges in children and adolescents, providing strategies for effective parenting.

Managing mental health:

Family therapy can be beneficial when dealing with mental health issues, offering support and coping strategies for individuals and the family as a whole.

Promoting healthy dynamics:

By exploring family roles and dynamics, therapy helps establish healthier patterns and promote positive interactions.

Enhancing Resilience:

Families learn to navigate challenges more effectively, fostering resilience and a sense of unity within the family unit.

At Shelly Qualtieri & Associates, we specialize in family therapy, offering support at our Northwest and Southwest locations in Calgary. Our experienced therapists focus on enhancing communication, resolving conflicts, and fostering healthier dynamics, empowering families to navigate life's challenges with resilience and unity. Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate and effective family therapy solutions for individuals facing communication barriers, behavioral issues, or major life transitions. Reach out to learn more.

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Our approach to Calgary family therapy sessions

You can do those hard things so much easier if you’re connected to someone who can help you make sense of it all. We are family-centred, and we focus on hearing from the whole family.

The registered psychologist will meet with you all together at your first session. This is a chance for everyone to talk about how they feel and what they think about the causes of conflict and the problems that have come up. The therapist may ask how each individual sees the issues, how or why the conflict may have started, and the effects on the relationship.

Based on your family’s unique journey to find peace and wellness, your registered psychologist will design a treatment plan to help you reach your goals through family counselling services. After the first group session, your psychologist may suggest that you meet with him or her alone or in a smaller group to help the process along.

The overall goal of family counselling services in Calgary is to help develop healthy dynamics, strong communication, and strategies for conflict resolution and problem solving. Your family therapist's role is to help everyone deal with conflict that is preventing a healthy and supportive home life and build stronger relationships.

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Family therapy methods we use in our practice

In our Calgary family therapy practice, we employ a range of effective therapeutic methods to address diverse family dynamics. These include:

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT):

CBT is utilized to identify and modify negative thought patterns and behaviours within the family, fostering healthier communication and problem-solving. Our family therapy in Calgary integrates CBT to promote positive change and resilience.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT):

DBT is employed to enhance emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness within the family unit, helping members develop skills for managing conflicts constructively. Families in Calgary seeking "DBT family therapy" can find targeted support with our experienced team.

Narrative Therapy:

Narrative therapy focuses on reshaping family narratives and exploring and reconstructing the stories that influence perceptions and relationships. Families in Alberta can benefit from our expertise in narrative therapy for creating positive family narratives.

Solution-Focused Therapy:

Solution-focused therapy emphasizes identifying and building on family strengths, fostering solutions rather than dwelling on problems. Families seeking solution-focused family therapy in Calgary can find valuable assistance in our practice.

Strength-Based Therapy:

Strength-based therapy centres on leveraging the inherent strengths of each family member, promoting resilience and positive growth. Families in Alberta can access tailored support for "strength-based family therapy" in both our in-person and online services.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART):

ART is a technique used to address trauma and distressing memories by promoting rapid and positive changes in the way these memories are stored. Our family therapy team in Calgary incorporates ART to expedite resolution and healing for families facing challenges.

Our dedicated Calgary family therapy team offers both in-person and online services, providing comprehensive support to families throughout Alberta. Whether you're navigating conflicts at home or seeking online family therapy in Calgary, we are committed to helping your family find peace and cohesion by addressing the root causes of your concerns holistically.

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Who Calgary family counselling is for:

Our Calgary Family Therapy team specializes in working with diverse family structures in Calgary in our North and South locations. Our team is here to provide tailored support for your unique family needs.

Blended Families:

Family therapy is particularly valuable for blended families, providing essential support for step-parenting challenges, fostering unity, and promoting positive relationships.

Grief and Loss Support:

Families navigating grief and loss can benefit from family therapy, which offers a supportive space to cope with emotional challenges.

Parent-Child Relationship Enhancement:

Family therapy addresses parent-child relationship struggles, offering guidance in conflict resolution and improving connections. If you have a troubled child or teenager who has experienced trauma, is being bullied, struggles with a learning or developmental disability, or has other mental health concerns, all family members may be affected.

Life Transition Adjustment:

Families undergoing transitional life stages, such as children leaving for college, can find assistance in family therapy to adjust to new dynamics.

Stress Management for Families:

Family therapy is effective in supporting families in high-stress environments, providing coping strategies, and improving communication.

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FAQs about working with a family therapist in Calgary

Do we need a family psychologist or a family therapist?

Determining whether to engage a family psychologist or a family therapist depends on your specific needs. Family psychologists specialize in psychological assessments and diagnoses, while family therapists focus on relational dynamics and communication. Regardless of the professional designation you choose, the key is finding someone with whom you feel safe and who can develop a positive, trusting connection. Our goal is to enhance self-esteem, improve mental health for the whole family, and provide a supportive space for openness and vulnerability. If you're in Calgary or across Alberta, we are here to work with you on your journey to family well-being.

A family therapist may be a registered psychologist or social worker trained in a family systems approach and evidence-based theories designed to understand problematic behaviour and relationship conflict. They will challenge unhealthy communication patterns and help reduce and resolve conflicts within the family system.

When trying to identify which professional to choose, book an introductory call with them to see if they are right for you and your loved ones.

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How many family therapy sessions will we need?

Determining the number of family therapy sessions needed varies based on individual circumstances. The pace of progress is unique to each family, and factors such as the complexity of issues, communication dynamics, and the commitment of participants play a role. A skilled family therapist will collaboratively assess progress, adjusting the treatment plan as necessary to ensure the most effective and beneficial outcomes. Regular communication with your therapist will guide the ongoing process, ensuring that the number of sessions aligns with your family's specific needs and goals for positive and lasting change.

The number of counselling sessions required to resolve conflicts, discuss life transitions, and accomplish your family therapy goals depends on each family member, your desire for personal development, your commitment to sessions, and the factors driving family counselling to be sought in the first place.

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What will we learn in family therapy?

Family therapy provides the opportunity to learn how to function more effectively through gaining insight into one another’s thoughts, experiences, beliefs, and behaviours. Your therapist will improve skills such as:

Effective Communication Strategies:

In family therapy, you'll learn crucial communication skills to express emotions, needs, and concerns openly, fostering a healthier and more understanding family dynamic.

Conflict Resolution Techniques:

Family therapy equips you with practical tools to navigate conflicts constructively, fostering resolution and preventing escalation.

Understanding Family Dynamics:

Through therapy, you'll gain insights into the unique dynamics within your family, identifying patterns and roles that may contribute to challenges. We specialize in family dynamics, providing comprehensive understanding and tailored interventions.

Building trust and Connection:

Family therapy focuses on rebuilding trust and strengthening emotional bonds among family members, fostering a supportive and connected environment. We excel at creating a safe space for trust-building.

Coping Mechanisms for Stress:

Learn effective coping strategies to manage stress and challenges collectively, promoting resilience within the family unit. We offer guidance on stress management and build new skills with clients.

Parenting Skills:

Enhance parenting skills and strategies, promoting a positive and nurturing environment for children.

Setting Healthy Boundaries:

Family therapy helps establish and maintain healthy boundaries, ensuring a balance between individual autonomy and family cohesion. Shelly Qualtieri & Associates specializes in boundary-setting strategies in their Calgary, Alberta, offices.

Problem-Solving and Goal Setting:

Develop effective problem-solving skills and set achievable goals as a family, creating a roadmap for positive change. We guide families through goal-setting in their North and South Calgary offices in Alberta.

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  • Calgary family counselling sessions can help you grow together.

    It is time to unpack the sticky and tricky issues, begin to process the past, and move forward—together.

    It is time to address challenging issues, process the past, and move forward as a united family. Families, diverse in shapes and sizes, encounter various problems—be they family issues or mental health concerns. You're not alone; every family faces challenges, from minor to significant. Our Calgary family counselling experts offer tailored recommendations and strategies to strengthen family bonds, improve communication, build trust, and foster healthy relationships. We welcome new clients; reach out for a complimentary consultation to embark on the journey of positive family transformation.

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