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Bite-Sized Counselling & Coaching Services in Calgary

Solution-based therapy for adults and adolescents to help you move out of survival mode and into connection and joy.



Meet Shelly!

It's your time to look forward, feel empowered, deal with your challenges and set yourself on your way to living your best life.

I can support you around challenges with suicide, understanding and managing emotions, trauma, building confidence and self-esteem, anxiety, depression, relationship challenges and connection.

Let's look at why you are here  there are likely two or four challenges you are bumping up against. Let's talk  let me encourage you to dig deeper, find that messy in the middle and be more empowered by the end.

With a trauma-informed and proactive approach, I will equip you with tools and strategies to implement into your daily life.

counselling services in Calgary


We are on the corner of Brisebois Drive NW and Northmount Drive NW Calgary on the 3rd floor of the business offices. 


Phone: (587)-229-8529

Email: [email protected]




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In Between Sessions with Shelly  

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After years of exploring narrative and talk therapy, Shelly finally offered me the tools I needed to shift my patterns beyond the stage of recognition towards true healing and change.

Her solution-oriented approach therapy taught me to solve triggers as they manifested in my day-to-day experiences, which has allowed me to remain grounded in the face of adversity.

Beyond offering an integrative and holistic approach to healing that incorporates the mind, body, and spirit, Shelly encourages clients to embrace their freedom and empowerment as they navigate past their habitual ways of being towards self-healing and transformation.




Shelly is a highly dedicated, compassionate person.  Her years of experience make it easy to talk to her.

I always feel better after my session.

She really cares.



When I first reached out to Shelly, I was seeking guidance and support for my son. Shelly made him feel very safe, comforted and offered him great advice, direction and skills for him to use during everyday life situations.

I also had a couple of sessions with Shelly. She truly listens to your concerns and worries, and was so kind and compassionate when offering her guidance.

She was always very professional and she really cares about her clients. 


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