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Takeaway: Deciding to start therapy can be difficult enough—don’t let other barriers keep you from getting the help you need. Online therapy in Calgary is a convenient alternative to traditional, in-person therapy. Together, we can help you reach your goals.

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Busy schedule? We can help—we offer an accessible, safe space and support with virtual counselling to work around your hectic schedule.

We all struggle from time to time; you don't have to go through it alone. Shelly Qualtieri & Associates provides online counselling in Calgary, Alberta, to provide you with the convenience of having our services available to you.

Virtual counselling services are a safe and convenient solution for people who work irregular hours, have a busy family life, live in remote areas, or would like to access online counselling appointments from the comfort of their own home.

Our Alberta psychologists and counsellors provide a caring and non-judgemental environment on HIPAA-compliant video conferencing software where individuals, couples, and families can work towards recognizing, understanding, and healing from their struggles.

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Our approach to online counselling in Calgary

Even though you are not in the same room as your therapist physically, your online appointment will provide a similar experience as if you were together.

E-counselling is adaptable to many situations. Using a variety of treatment approaches, our counsellors have the training to help you through your struggles remotely, with non judgement and compassion.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

CBT has many benefits and focuses on identifying and reshaping negative thought patterns, helping manage anxiety, and providing practical tools for self-reflection and growth. In the virtual realm, CBT enables personalized and solution-oriented interventions for a wide range of issues.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT):

Navigate emotions and build skills through DBT, an evidence-based approach suitable for online counselling. DBT's emphasis on mindfulness and emotion regulation offers individuals practical tools to manage distress and anxiety, enhance interpersonal effectiveness, and foster resilience.

Solution-Focused Therapy:

Engage in goal-oriented and future-focused conversations with Solution-Focused Therapy during an online appointment. This approach aligns perfectly with virtual platforms, as it empowers individuals to identify and amplify their strengths, fostering positive change. The collaborative and brief nature of this therapy makes it accessible and impactful for virtual therapy.

Narrative Therapy:

Uncover and reshape your life through narrative therapy, a modality well-suited for online counselling. By exploring and reconstructing personal stories, this approach offers a transformative experience, promoting self-discovery and empowerment. The narrative therapist's focus provides a flexible and effective avenue for therapeutic exploration.

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Who our online counselling services are for

Whether you are a teen or adult, a family or couple looking for counselling in Calgary or Alberta, we offer an online session.

Teens and Adults:

Online counselling provides a comfortable space for teens and adults to engage in therapy. The virtual platform "telemedicine" allows for flexibility in scheduling, fostering a sense of convenience and privacy that may be particularly appealing to youth and parents of this demographic.

Couples and Families:

Online counselling Calgary is a great way for families in Alberta to work with a registered psychologist that they may not have access to in rural areas. We use a unique combination of family and individual therapy to help families explore and unpack relationship issues, grief and loss, and emotion regulation.

Remote Areas of Alberta:

Experience the support and resources you deserve to feel good from the comfort of your own space, as our dedicated team empowers you to find solace and happiness no matter where you are in rural Alberta.

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FAQs about online therapy in Calgary

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Improve your mental health with online counselling in Calgary

We are here to listen, support, and help you find your happiness.

Our online counselling services provide a compassionate space where empathy, kindness, and understanding are key. Whether you're in Calgary or a remote area of Alberta, our virtual counselling ensures accessibility, allowing you to prioritize your mental well-being conveniently.

Take a proactive step toward a brighter, more fulfilling future by reaching out to us today. Book your online counselling session now.


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