Calgary Counselling and Therapy Services

Takeaway: It can be hard to find your way through difficult emotions. Thankfully, working with a therapist in Calgary can help. We believe in supporting you with easily manageable, bite-sized strategies to find your happiness, whether it's therapy for yourself, your teen, your family, or as a couple.

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Finding mental health support in Calgary, Alberta, can be challenging, whether you're seeking assistance for a mental illness for yourself or a family member. A search for counseling services or psychologists in Calgary yields numerous results, making it overwhelming to identify a suitable match or someone who truly understands your unique situation.

At Shelly Qualtieri & Associates, we understand the complexities of this search and are here to guide you seamlessly through the entire counseling journey. From your initial inquiry to the accomplishment of your goals, we provide the support you need. Our commitment includes offering essential information, helping you find the right fit, outlining an effective approach, and establishing achievable goals. We believe in helping you in a safe environment with small, easy-to-handle strategies through a collaborative process that builds a strong therapeutic alliance.

We will provide you with the right approach, practical tools, resources, and strategies to help you tackle the sticky and tricky challenges and life transitions that have been tossed your way. With the right client-centered approach, you will see positive shifts and growth. Choose Shelly Qualtieri & Associates for a supportive, understanding, and effective mental health partnership in Calgary.

Couples, children and families often face challenges and disconnection, leading to feelings of loneliness and overwhelm. If you're concerned about a loved one's mental well-being, we're here to help families navigate these challenges and provide support.

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Counselling services we offer

We are a team of counsellors with extensive experience who provide in-person and virtual calls in Calgary and across Alberta and are ready to support you. At Shelly Qualtieri & Associates, we help a variety of individuals, so let's dive in!

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Individual Counselling

Experience one-on-one counselling in a secure, caring, and confidential environment. Our Calgary counselors are dedicated to understanding your unique circumstances and guiding you with empathy and skill, recognizing that each individual's journey is unique. There's no one-size-fits-all solution for healing and moving forward, but with each counselling session you can expect common touchstones such as exploring and processing feelings, gaining self-awareness, and learning new strategies. Whether you're dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, self harm, or other challenges, we're here to support you on your path to well-being.

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Children and teens

Navigating adolescence is challenging, both for teens and their parents. As your teen undergoes emotional and physical changes, conflicts may arise within your home. This period can be tough, leading to concerns about mental health and behavioural issues. If your teen is expressing feelings of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, or hopelessness, it's essential to address these challenges. Our counselling services are designed to support teens during this transitional phase, providing strategies not only for them but also for you as a parent.

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Sports Psychologist

Our Calgary sports psychologist specializes in addressing challenges and difficulties that athletes may face, including building team dynamics, managing performance anxiety and depression, regaining confidence post-injury, and dealing with success or failure. They engage with athletes to discuss issues and collaboratively develop solutions for both clients in individual and group settings. Our focus spans various issues such as depression, eating disorders, substance abuse, and anxiety, ensuring comprehensive support for athletes striving for peak performance.

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Men's Issues

Break free from the stigma associated with men seeking counselling by accessing our virtual calls at our Calgary counselling center. Whether you're navigating relationships, facing insecurities, or dealing with trust issues, therapy offers a space to address and improve these aspects. Enhance your connections with loved ones, friends, and colleagues through tailored support that fosters personal growth and fulfilling relationships.

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When you committed to your partner, you knew challenges might arise, but you might not have anticipated the specific issues you're facing now. From everyday irritations to more serious concerns, we're here to help couples enhance communication, rebuild trust, rekindle intimacy, and strengthen their bonds. Our support focuses on resolving conflicts and improving connections, providing a space for growth and positive change in your relationship.


Navigating family dynamics can be complex, with individual relationships, varying perspectives, and conflicting goals. Whether you're dealing with unresolved conflict, reaching a crisis point, or simply looking to enhance communication, counselling with Shelly Qualtieri & Associates aims to strengthen relationships. We're dedicated to fostering respect, nurturing compassion, and creating a supportive home environment where open communication and positive connections thrive. For any family, in any state of hurt or struggle, family counselling can help improve communication, resolve conflict and relationship challenges, and build your strengths to create strong frameworks.

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FAQs about counselling in Calgary

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What is the process of working with a counsellor in Calgary?

Finding Calgary psychologists and counselling services can feel like an overwhelming task, so we want to make this as simple and easy as possible for you. Here is the process for working with us:

  1. Initial Contact:

    • Reach out to our team to express your interest in counselling services.

    • Our staff will guide you through the initial steps and provide information about the counselling process.

    • We offer a 30-minute free counselling call for you to ask questions, gather information, and assess if we would be a good fit for you. You can book it here.

  2. Assessment and Intake:

    • In the first session, we'll conduct an intake assessment to understand your needs, concerns, and goals.

    • You'll have the opportunity to share relevant information about yourself, and we'll discuss what you hope to achieve through counselling.

  3. Collaborative Goal Setting:

    • Together with your counsellor, you'll establish clear and achievable goals for the counselling process.

    • This collaborative approach ensures that your counselling experience is tailored to your specific needs.

  4. Therapeutic Sessions:

    • Regular counselling sessions will take place based on the schedule agreed upon during the intake.

    • These sessions provide a safe and confidential space to explore, process, and work towards your goals.

  5. Feedback and Adjustment:

    • Your counsellor will regularly check in on your progress and seek feedback to ensure the therapy is effective.

    • Our team may make adjustments to the therapeutic approach to better meet your evolving needs.

  6. Completion and Follow-Up:

    • Once you've achieved your counselling goals, the process may be concluded.

    •  We may discuss follow-up or additional support to ensure a smooth transition. 

Our goal is to provide you with a supportive and effective counselling experience tailored to your particular situation and unique circumstances.


We are a Calgary counselling centre located in the northwest quadrant of the city and in the southwest of Calgary. However, you do not have to be in Calgary to use our counsellors and therapists' services. We want to make it as easy as possible for new clients to access counselling sessions while also giving our existing counselling clients flexibility. We provide counselling and therapy services to clients online, via phone, and in person.

Online and phone counselling

Our online counselling offer a convenient and private option for those unable to attend in person or prefer the comfort of home. Combining the effectiveness of face-to-face counselling with the flexibility of being anywhere in Alberta, it provides a simple and confidential way to receive the support you need.

We are currently accepting new clients.

When you’re ready, please contact us for a free 30-minute phone consultation, or you can book an appointment to get started here. For any questions you have, you can reach us at 587.229.8529 or message us here.

Our Calgary counsellors do not provide short-term crisis counselling. If you are in need of immediate support, you can contact the distress centre, Healthlink, or 911.

Do I need a Calgary psychologist or another type of mental health professional?

Choosing a mental health professional, whether it's a Calgary psychologist or another type of therapist, is about finding someone with whom you feel safe and can develop a positive and trusting connection. Counsellors employ various modalities and evidence-based theories to address mental health concerns, offering psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, and behaviour modification strategies. When deciding, explore their website, read blogs, listen to podcasts, follow them on social media, or schedule a free introductory call.

  • Registered Social Worker (RSW/MSW):

    • Trained, supervised, and experienced in helping with mental health and relationship issues.

    • Regulated under the Health Professions Act (HPA) in Alberta for Calgary counselling services.

    • In Alberta, registered social workers who provide counselling services will identify themselves by placing "Registered Social Worker", "RSW," or "MSW" after their name.

  • Registered Psychologist (R. Psych.):

    • Extensive training and supervision, specializing in diagnosing and treating mental health and marital issues in Alberta and Calgary.

  • Registered Provisional Psychologist:

    • Holds a Master's degree in psychology or a related field.

    • Working towards becoming a fully registered psychologist.

    • Completed a supervised practicum of up to 2,500 hours for a graduate degree.

Do I need cognitive-behavioral therapy or a different kind of treatment?

The truth is, there are a variety of evidence-based treatments available, which is why we offer a number of modalities for our clients. When considering treatment options, it's important to note that Shelly Qualtieri and Associates offer a diverse range of therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Solution-Focused Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Trauma-Informed Therapy, Somatic Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. This variety enables us to tailor a personalized and comprehensive approach that meets individual needs and preferences. During your initial consultation, you can explore these options to find the most suitable therapeutic approach for your unique situation.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: CBT is an evidence-based form of psychotherapy. Cognitive-behavioural therapy is based on three simple but powerful concepts: how people think affects how they feel and behave; thoughts determine feelings and behaviours; and feelings influence thoughts. Cognitive-behavioural therapy works by providing individuals with the tools they need to identify and challenge unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, known as cognitive distortions.

What are the benefits of working with a therapist in Calgary?

Navigating life's challenges with a Calgary counsellor provides personalized support for emotional healing, effective coping strategies, and improved relationships. Our holistic, goal-oriented approach in a confidential, non-judgmental space fosters community connection and empowers positive change for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

  1. Emotional Support: Therapy provides a safe space to express and explore your emotions, offering non-judgmental support.

  2. Improved Coping Skills: Counsellors help you develop effective coping strategies to navigate life's challenges and stressors.

  3. Enhanced Communication: Therapy fosters better communication skills, improves relationships, and reduces misunderstandings.

  4. Self-Exploration: Through therapy, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your values, and your life goals.

  5. Stress Reduction: Learning stress management techniques helps alleviate anxiety and promote overall well-being.

  6. Behavioural Change: Counsellors assist in identifying and changing negative behaviour patterns, fostering personal growth.

  7. Conflict Resolution: Therapy equips you with tools to navigate conflicts constructively, promoting healthier relationships.

  8. Increased Self-Esteem: Building self-awareness and self-compassion in therapy contributes to improved self-esteem and confidence.

We offer a complimentary 30-minute call to explore if the counselling services we provide are the right fit for you.


Calgary therapy can help you build a happy, hopeful life.

Our aim at Shelly Qualtieri & Associates is for each individual we support to feel a little lighter after each counselling session, more empowered, have a greater understanding of the root of the problem, and be a little more in control of their life than when they walked in the door.

Equipped with insights into the root causes of your challenges and the sticky and tricky problems you are facing, we will provide you with practical tools and strategies to implement in your life. We offer practical tools and strategies to integrate into your daily life.

Our team of registered psychologists and social workers is committed to supporting you in a secure environment through a collaborative process. Our approach, which focuses on easily manageable, bite-sized strategies, will help you experience positive changes and personal growth.

Book your initial 30-minute complimentary consultation appointment to begin your journey.

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