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Takeaway: If you’re here, you know that something needs to change in your life. Solution-based therapy in Calgary can help you make that happen. We’ll work together to identify and expand upon your existing strengths, and you’ll leave feeling empowered to tackle your challenges head-on. Reach out to our team today to begin your journey.

solution-based therapy

Finding a solution to a particular problem and building on resolutions rather than dwelling on problems.

Embrace mindfulness, confidence, and resilience with Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT). Our approach helps you navigate challenges, fosters hope-inspiring stories, and fosters positive psychology, while considering previous solutions as an effective form of clinical psychology in managing your trauma symptoms and behavioral issues, creating positive transformations for a fulfilling future by using exception questions, coping questions, and looking at the effectiveness of solution focused brief therapy evidence-based.

Through counseling outcome research, the Oxford University Press shares how this is a therapeutic intervention based on the belief that individuals already possess the necessary skills and knowledge to overcome their challenges.

Short-term therapy (SFT) or SFBT in Calgary, Alberta, at Shelly Qualtieri & Associates will help you unlock a brighter future by envisioning scenarios free of challenges. Employing effective strategies and tools, we'll draw on past experiences to overcome current hurdles. Together, we'll enhance your self-esteem and confidence, utilizing powerful questions and transformative techniques in our therapy sessions.

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This approach can be particularly useful for people who feel stuck and are struggling to find a way to cope with their mental health concerns.

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a goal-oriented therapeutic approach that focuses on solutions rather than problems. SFBT is a model of psychotherapy that grew out of the work of Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer in the late 1970s.

Future-Focused: SFBT emphasizes exploring and creating a desirable future rather than analyzing past problems.

Goal-Oriented: It center's on identifying and working toward specific, achievable goals, fostering a sense of progress and accomplishment while improving self esteem.

Exception Finding: Therapists help clients identify times when the problem is less prevalent or absent, encouraging insights into coping strategies.

Scaling Questions: Clients use scales to rate their experiences, helping to quantify progress and identify steps toward positive change.

Coping Questions: Clients explore existing strengths and coping mechanisms, empowering them to apply these skills to current challenges.

Miracle Question: A key technique involves asking clients to envision their lives without the problem, miracle questions promote creative thinking and goal-setting.

SFBT is a constructive collaboration, client-centered, and ideal for brief therapeutic interventions and teaches you to be more mindful, present, confident, and motivated as you navigate future challenges in life. This form of counselling can be used to tackle and overcome all kinds of obstacles and problems and can be beneficial when helping clients managing trauma, mental health, or behavioral problems.

Focused brief therapy (SFBT) can be used in conjunction with psychiatric treatment for major psychiatric conditions. To learn more, talk to your psychologist to build the best psychiatric treatment plan for you. Start today by connecting with one of our therapists. 

Our therapists are here to help you find bite-sized solutions to your problems.

Experience the dynamic approach of SFBT at Shelly Qualtieri and Associates, where our focus is on practical, action-oriented solutions rather than prolonged problem analysis. Our bite-sized tools provide efficient, impactful solutions tailored to your unique needs.

We believe in your ability to actively engage in the healing journey, as facing your truth can lead to profound growth and understanding. With SFBT, our therapists guide you in developing tools and skills based on your strengths, empowering you to navigate life's challenges and achieve your goals.

Whether through in-person, online, or telephone sessions in Calgary, Alberta, discover the effectiveness of SFBT and the transformative power of solution building. Contact us to embark on a path where a brighter future awaits.

Who are our brief solution-focused therapy services for?

SFBT effectively treats a variety of mental health disorders. People with eating disorders, gambling addiction, relationship problems, anxiety and depression, substance abuse, and behavioural problems may respond well to learning solution focused therapy over short or longer term therapy. Solution focused therapy is well-suited for the following clients:


SFT is an excellent choice for teens as it provides practical strategies to address academic stress, navigate peer relationships, and enhance emotional well-being efficiently. By focusing on achievable goals, teens can experience positive changes and build resilience in the face of challenges.


SFT benefits families by offering targeted interventions that foster better communication and cohesion. Families can find support in resolving specific issues, creating a more harmonious and connected home environment.


Couples seeking focused support will find SFT valuable in resolving specific relationship challenges. Through the emphasis on achievable goals and positive change, couples can work together to strengthen their connection and create a more satisfying relationship.


Adults navigating work-related stress, time management, and personal growth can benefit from SFT. The therapy's focus is on a detailed description, future-oriented problem solving, and empowering individuals to address specific challenges, leading to improved well-being and a more balanced life.


SFT provides children with age-appropriate techniques to navigate challenges effectively. By focusing on small, achievable goals, children can build confidence and resilience, fostering positive development and emotional well-being. It is best for children who may struggle to express their emotions verbally and can benefit from the effectiveness of the family process with a full solution focused brief family therapy center and play family therapy center along with a counsellor with a specialization in child psychology to help with challenges as well as child behavioral problems.

At Shelly Qualtieri & Associates, we work with each of the above populations. If you are interested in learning more, we would love to hear from you.

How solution-based therapy can help

With Shelly Qualtieri and Associates in Calgary, we illuminate the path to positive change through Solution-Focused counselling (SFT). Imagine a therapeutic experience that emphasizes your strengths, propels you toward achievable goals, and fosters tangible, meaningful future oriented goals.

Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in tailoring SFT to your unique needs, guiding you through a collaborative process that turns challenges into stepping stones for growth. Embrace a future where our compassionate team supports you in making your aspirations the focal point and your journey towards well-being is marked by optimism and resilience. Enter a space where your story is rewritten.

Managing Anxiety: SFT provides practical tools to help individuals manage anxiety effectively. By focusing on specific, achievable goals, clients can experience a reduction in anxiety symptoms and develop coping strategies for everyday challenges.

Improving Relationships: SFT is highly effective in enhancing relationship dynamics. Whether it's couples, families, or individuals seeking better interpersonal connections, the therapy's focus on possible solutions allows clients to address specific relationship issues and foster positive changes.

Workplace Stress: For those grappling with workplace stress, SFT offers targeted strategies to navigate professional challenges. Clients can set realistic goals, improving their approach to work-related stressors and achieving a better work-life balance.

Parenting Challenges: SFT is a valuable resource for parents facing various challenges. By concentrating on specific, achievable goals, parents can address concerns such as effective communication, discipline strategies, child behavioral problems, and fostering positive relationships within the family.

School-Related Issues: Children and teens dealing with school-related stress, academic challenges, classroom behavioral problems, or peer issues can benefit from SFT. This type of counselling provides age-appropriate tools to address specific concerns, fostering a positive and supportive approach to learning and social interactions. SFBT views behavioral problems as normal life-cycle complications that become overwhelming and relentless and impact a client's life.

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solution focused therapy calgary

FAQs about solution focused brief therapy

solution-focused brief therapy

Solution focused therapy in Calgary can help you find new ways to approach life’s challenges.

Embrace the transformative power of Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) in Calgary, designed to provide innovative perspectives on life's challenges.

Recognize your expertise; your reservoir of strengths and past problem-solving successes position you as a capable navigator of your journey. Brief Therapy has demonstrated the effectiveness across various contexts, such as addiction severity, behavioral problems, and other mental health problems for individuals, teens, couples, and families.

Learning that the effectiveness of solution-oriented, focused brief therapy sfbt will empower you and encourage you to take an active role in your own growth and change processes. Through the use of miracle questions, coping questions, exception questions, and previous strategies, there will be an emphasis on strengths, resources, which offers a refreshing alternative to problem-focused approaches.

Choosing to learn Brief Therapy aligns with your empowerment journey, actively involving you in your growth and change processes. Employing impactful techniques like miracle questions, coping queries, exception exploration, and tapping into past, SFT emphasizes strengths, resources, and a refreshing departure from problem-focused approaches.

The therapeutic conversation within SFT anchors in the present and future, emphasizing a clear and concise focus on achievable goals. The SFT approach revolves around developing and realizing your goals by utilizing your existing skills and uncovering new ones within you.

When you're ready to embark on your first session of this transformative therapeutic journey, we encourage you to reach out for a free consultation.


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