Addictions Counselling Calgary

Takeaway: Regardless of age, addiction can deeply impact every aspect of your life, leaving you feeling trapped and isolated. In therapy, discover a compassionate environment where you can confront the root causes of your addiction, develop coping strategies, and embark on a journey towards lasting recovery and emotional well-being.


Did you know that in Canada, approximately 21% of individuals will encounter addiction in their lifetime? Addiction doesn't discriminate based on age; it affects both adults and teens alike.

Loss of identity, powerlessness, emotional turmoil, depression, and isolation are common experiences. Despite negative consequences, individuals may continue substance use due to triggers, often leading to a sense of secrecy. Our team of specialized therapists provides customized support to adults and teens who are struggling with addiction.

Our comprehensive approach addresses various aspects of addiction, including loss of self, emotional management, reconnecting others as relationships often become strained and trust broken, and relapse prevention.

Through bite-sized tools and strategies, we empower individuals to regain control, manage triggers, and foster healthier responses. Don't suffer in silence; reach out for the support you deserve.

Laura Laidlaw


  • Clientele:¬†¬†Adults, Youth 13+

  • Specialty area examples:¬†

    • All areas of addiction such as: technology, substances, sex, gambling, and more (teen¬†& adults)
    • All forms of substance abuse and co-occurring illnesses
    • Living with an Addict
    • Supporting Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families
    • Autism (teen¬†& adults)
    • ¬†


  • Modalities used:

  • Location:¬†3rd Floor, 4503¬†Brisebois Dr NW 3rd Floor, Calgary, AB T2L 2G3

  • Virtual & In person therapy?:¬†Yes

More About Laura

As a group of therapists at Shelly Qualtieri & Associates, we understand that many individuals who struggle with mental health concerns may also have challenges with addiction. This dual challenge can be complex to navigate, but it's important to know that recovery from both issues is achievable through an integrated, person-centred, and trauma-informed approach.

Living with addiction and mental health concerns can feel overwhelming for the individual and their family. By exploring these experiences together, we can shed light on the contributing factors while also identifying protective elements in your life. Understanding the interplay between your mental health and addiction can empower you to make positive changes and regain control over your life.

In your sessions, we'll work collaboratively to integrate strategies that honour your unique journey and support your overall well-being in a therapeutic environment that fosters growth and resilience.

You'll not only gain insight into your challenges but also develop practical tools and strategies to navigate them effectively. With dedication, patience, and compassion, we'll walk this path together, guiding you toward a life of greater balance, fulfillment, and recovery.

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