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Transform your Team, Club, Organization, and School with our Mental Health Workshops and Training

When you hire us to spend time with your peopleā€”in a workshop, keynote, webinar, or lunch and learn eventā€”your team will become more connected, supported, and inspired. Our workshops are designed for educational and corporate sectors.

We design our mental health workshops, mental wellness seminars, and emotional wellness workshops to inspire and educate your audience, ensuring they feel understood and heard.

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Mental health and wellness training
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Educational Mental Health & Wellness Workshops Calgary

Our interactive mental health workshops cover a range of topics such as anxiety and depression, stress management, trauma-informed care, suicide/self-harm and self-care.

These workshops are beneficial for schools, clubs, teams, professionals, healthcare providers, educators, and parents. We also offer virtual mental health workshops and workshops specifically tailored for teens and families.

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Corporate Mental Health & Wellness Workshops Calgary

We offer mental health education and development workshops for businesses to learn about and improve their knowledge of mental health and wellness in the workplace.

Our mental health and wellness training is designed to foster emotional resilience and mental well-being. With our expert-led sessions, your team will gain practical tools and strategies to manage mental health challenges effectively.

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Woman's Addiction group Calgary

Middle & Upper-Class Women Struggling with Addiction

Looking to embrace healthier coping mechanisms? Join our group, tailored for women facing the daily juggle of work, motherhood, marriage, friendships, and self-care. We understand the challenges you encounter, and we're here to support you in finding more sustainable ways to manage stress so you can live your best life.

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