We Offer a Variety of Mental Health & Wellness Workshops  based on our areas of expertise

in Calgary & Area

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Educational Mental Health & Wellness Workshops Calgary

If you are interested in educating and inspiring your club, team, school audience, or organization to learn more about mental health and wellness you are at the right place.


Examples of our Educational Workshops include:

Performance Anxiety & Athletes

How to Be a Mental Health Support

Understanding Suicide & Self-Harm

Secondary Trauma

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Mental Health and Wellness

Explore it.

Together, let's explore how we can effectively support your teams by selecting appropriate subjects, tools, and methods.

Create it.

Our workshops are crafted to empower your team with knowledge and strategies in both personal and professional spheres.

Nurture Growth.

Enhance understanding and provide additional resources! Let's gain insights into the support your team needs, and collaboratively ensure their needs are met.

1 in 5 Canadians experience mental illness each year. Many must wait to get the care they need, while others don't get any care or don't get enough, with only 1 in 3 young people getting the support they need.


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