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Are you a parent trying to figure out how to connect with your teen, understand their emotions & what they need or fear they are in a dark place. 

Maybe you are an adult who is feeling stuck, lonely, and overwhelmed.

A couple trying to navigate your relationship, family life & feel disconnected from one another. 

The more time we spend feeling these emotions - the harder it is to find your way out. This can lead to feeling hopeless and start questioning everything in life! Leading us to feel judgement, shame, and a bunch of other strong emotions. 

Whether it's therapy for yourself, your teen, family or as a couple we believe in supporting you with easily manageable bite-sized strategies to find your happy. 

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We are Here to Listen, Support & Help You Find Your Happy


With an intentional focus on you and your mental wellness, we will set goals to achieve your desired connections, relationships - with yourself and others, the self-growth and understanding you are seeking while getting to the root of the issues. 

We will provide you with strategies and tools to support you with understanding what you are going through whether it is feeling anxious, sad, angry, relationship conflicts, understanding and talking about self harm, your thoughts of suicide, or all the other sticky and tricky things life may be throwing your way.


We are on the corner of Brisebois Drive NW and Northmount Drive NW Calgary on the 3rd floor of the business offices. 


Phone: (587)-229-8529

Email: [email protected]

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Tune in for valuable, real-life takeaways that have you thinking about taking action to create Your Fiercely Fabulous Life!

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We keep your hunger for knowledge satisfied with counselling tips, activities, advice and thoughts until we see you the next time. 

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