4 Ways to Communicate With Courage and Confidence

Sep 29, 2021
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An essential part of any healthy and stable relationship is about healthy communication. Interpersonal communication, conflict and difficult conversations are a part of our daily lives.

How can we face these challenges with courage and positive skills?

Communication is a tool we use every day in our world within our personal and professional relationships. We may do this through a variety of mediums such as face-to-face, email, text, or social media. In all regards, we want to feel in control of our communication and have an understanding of how this impacts our relationships. To be able to communicate with courage for success, empowerment and to inspire those around you we sometimes need a little support or coaching along the way. Interpersonal communication and strong skills can be a challenge however, it can be your greatest tool to inspire those around you, support you in reaching your fullest potential, and create fulfillment in your personal life and professional relationships.

When you have the skills to communicate with courage, empowerment and inspiration, it shows. A can – do attitude makes a tremendous difference in your professional life and positive growth in your personal relationships.

Here are 4 Ways to Communicate with Confidence and Courage:


It takes courage to communicate openly and confidently. Most of us are conditioned to address people differently depending on who they are in our lives; our partner, child, colleague, or supervisor. Ultimately, the best way to show respect for those you are communicating with is to be transparent, kind and confident in your conversation.


It takes extraordinary courage to simply be yourself while you’re sharing your ideas, thoughts and concerns but they are important. Being authentic will genuinely support you to become a more powerful communicator.


Let the person you are speaking to know the purpose of the conversation. Be transparent with a clear objective. Be fair. Discuss what you would like a future conversation to look like on the other side of the challenge.


How can you help and support one another with the issue to create a win – win situation. Acknowledge there may be negative feelings for you and the person you are speaking to; anger, betrayal, envy or frustration are normal reactions in challenging conversations. Provide them time or space when necessary.

Learning how to deal with difficult people and having assertive conversations with kindness, while feeling empowered, and inspirational can be a challenge but is possible. It is important to have the difficult conversations we are fearful of or passionately avoiding to move forward in the relationship, personal or professional. Leaning into a difficult conversation with a sense of calm, confidence, and courage will allow for resolution and positively grow our relationships.

Let’s set up a time for you to learn more about skills and tools while finding your own inner communication guru that will inspire your best self. Reach your fullest potential, and deepen your connection and fulfillment in your professional and personal relationship by setting up a time to talk with me. Set up a 30-minute free consultation today.

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