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Welcome to Shelly Qualtieri & Associates! Our dedicated team of therapists is here to guide you on your path to happiness.

At Shelly Qualtieri & Associates, we firmly believe in providing practical and easily manageable, bite-sized tools and strategies tailored to your unique needs. As passionate and knowledgeable clinicians, we recognize the challenges, obstacles, pain, and trauma you may be facing.

Our commitment lies in offering a personalized therapeutic approach, empowering you with tools that foster a deeper understanding, build resilience, and pave the way for healing.

If you're actively seeking a supportive partner for your mental health journey, we invite you to start with a complimentary consultation. Alternatively, you can dive right into a full counselling session by conveniently booking online. We understand the importance of your mental health and overall well-being, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

We're thrilled to share that we have two conveniently located offices in the beautiful city of Calgary—one in the Northwest and another in the Southwest.

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We will support you in finding the root cause of your challenges by providing you with bite-sized strategies and tools.


Our Mission: We will support you in finding the root cause of your challenges by providing you with bite-sized strategies and tools while developing important coping mechanisms and understanding your behaviours—to guide you in your journey of increased optimism, empowerment, and growth.

Our Vision: is to support individuals, families, couples, organizations, and teams with information and tools for a deeper understanding of mental health, build resilience, break stigma, and create community.

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One North Business Centre (NW)

Address: Suite 300, 4503 Brisebois Dr NW.

Phone: (587)-229-8529

Email: [email protected]

WestMount Corporate Campus (SW)

Address: Suite 300, 4838 Richard Road SW.

Phone: (587)-229-8529

Email: [email protected]

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