Confidence After Covid

Sep 29, 2021
womans hands hugging a cup of coffee for comfort

Put on that “go to” outfit that makes you feel really great.  An item of clothing that has a sentimental value to it or maybe the outfit where you won a job interview or wore on your first date.  Maybe it is just a certain colour or print that sends out great energy, an energy that you want to give off to the world.


Practice Self-love

There it is again.  That self-love stuff.  It doesn’t come easily for many of us but by building ourselves up, being kind to yourself or even making a positive post or sharing some motivation on social media can help put yourself into the right mood instead of feeling drained or self-critical.


Cut yourself some Slack

Confidence doesn’t happen overnight.  For as much as we wish it could, under normal circumstances, we need to go easy on ourselves during this trying time.

So, whatever it is that you choose to do, or however you do it, whatever it takes -- do it your way.  You’ve got this.


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